October 09, 2006

Educating Ourselves To Death

This morning I begin a series of sermons through the Book of Proverbs, which could very well keep me busy for a long time to come. And there is good precedent for such: Martin Lloyd-Jones spent 13 years in Romans and didn’t even get through it; Joseph Caryl felt it necessary to apologize for not being more thorough in his preaching through Job after 24 years!

My intention, however, is to tackle Proverbs topically, covering such crucial and practical issues as leadership, friendship, the family, finances, sex, and discipline, in about 14 sermons, God willing.

This morning’s sermon, which I’ve entitled Educating Ourselves to Death, will serve as an introduction to Proverbs. My title is adapted, of course, from the bestseller Amusing Ourselves to Death, in which...Neil Postman mounts a scathing attack on, primarily, television for its profoundly numbing and dumbing effect on civilization.
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